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Why to buy bamboo socks ?

Bamboo is one of the softest, if not the softest sock material you can buy. Bamboo is much smoother than cotton, and feels more like ahigh-quality silk or cashmere, making them very comfortable to wear.

 Bamboo has incredible moisture wicking capabilities, being able to keep feet dry even if there is excess sweat.

 Bamboo socks are also very absorbent, due to the micro-gaps in the bamboo fiber.

The main benefit of bamboo socks is their anti-bacterial abilities. Bamboo socks have a natural antimicrobial agent called “bamboo kun”, which is found in the bamboo fiber. This agent keeps your feet free of bacteria, and smelling fresh.



BAMBOO SOCKS: Why you need it!

BAMBOO SOCKS: Why you need it!

Why the surprise? Don't tell me you haven't heard that the bamboo plant is for making apparels nowadays? Time must have passed you by or you're probably holding on to the past – the old ways of doin BAMBOO SOCKS:...

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