Our Story

It was cold. It was harsh. It was gloomy. It was the December of 2016, dawn of Christmas. Our cofounders were sat together. They found companionship and comfort in each other. They conversed, ate and chuckled, spreading love, joy and happiness through laughter. It was this caring spirit of Christmas, where Hugh Ugoli was born.

We love and cherish our community, to which we are thoroughly devoted. We have gained many friendships along the way alongside many more satisfied and happy customers. We have always performed at our best to build trust between our company and our beloved clients. Our customers have the opportunity to contact us regarding any inconveniences or to simply let us know how much they enjoyed our products and bought a bunch to gift to their loved ones. True Christmas spirit.

We aim to become the company that provides the most comfortable, healthy and stylish socks for the best value. We value and protect our environment, it is the one and only true friend we all have. By using cutting-edge technology with naturally sourced bamboo, cotton and wool, we have reduced waste to a minimum in all our products.

Hugh Ugoli is still improving and growing, it still is a child. We trust and promise our customers that it is going to be a lovely journey.

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At Hugh Ugoli

We are deeply committed to ethical and sustainable practices that make a real difference. Our values are rooted in ensuring a child-labor-free environment, providing comprehensive insurance for all our employees, eliminating chemical pollution, and maintaining low CO2 emissions, because we believe in making the world a better place, one sock at a time.

Hugh Ugoli
We Take Our Strength From Your Satisfaction

Our journey has been nothing short of magical. From the comforting embrace of a close-knit community to the sprawling expanse of our brand's reach, Hugh Ugoli has become synonymous with quality and care. With a thriving network of 15 factories and a capacity to produce an impressive 2 million socks annually, our footprint in the industry is undeniable. But numbers merely scratch the surface of our tale.

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At the heart of Hugh Ugoli, there lies a promise โ€“ a promise to offer the most comfortable, healthy, and stylish socks without compromising on value. Our dedication to environmental sustainability and innovation is unwavering. Harnessing cutting-edge technology and leveraging the natural goodness of bamboo, cotton, and wool, we've achieved a significant reduction in waste across our product line.

While we take immense pride in our achievements, we firmly believe that Hugh Ugoli is still in its infancy. Our ambition is vast, and our journey is long. But with a community as supportive as ours and a team thatโ€™s relentlessly passionate, we envision a future where Hugh Ugoli isnโ€™t just a brand, but an emotion that resonates with comfort, quality, and care.

Quality, Comfortable and Natural Socks.

Lovely Journey

We trust and promise our customers that it is going to be a lovely journey.

Join us in our extraordinary journey!

To the future explorers of the world of Hugh Ugoli, we have one message: You're not just a customer; you're part of a legacy. And as this legacy grows, we want you to grow with us. Welcome to Hugh Ugoli โ€“ where every step is wrapped in warmth.

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