Non-Slip Men's Bamboo No-Show Socks, 6 Pairs

Non-Slip Men's Bamboo No-Show Socks, 6 Pairs

80 % Rayon from Bamboo, 17 % Polyamide, 3 % Elastane (Polyester Free).

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Bamboo No Show Socks, Non Slip Invisible Liner Socks, Soft & Thin Low Cut Socks, Seamless Toe

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FAQ About This Product

Hugh Ugoli's Men's Bamboo No-Show Socks feature an innovative non-slip design without silicone. They are crafted with unique Y-stitch heel knitting technology, providing a snug fit that won't slip off. The flexible elastic band at the top ensures the socks stay in place comfortably, making them perfect for any shoe type.

The bamboo material in Hugh Ugoli Men's No-Show Socks is naturally more breathable and sweat-absorbent than cotton. This high-quality bamboo fiber keeps your feet cool and dry, offering superior comfort. It's also softer, akin to high-quality silk or cashmere, making it ideal for sensitive skin and providing a luxurious feel.

Absolutely! These no-show socks have an invisible design that seamlessly matches various low-profile shoes, including casual, business, and sneakers. Their low-cut liner design ensures they remain hidden, providing a stylish and clean look with any footwear.

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