Why Do You Need Bamboo Socks?

Brayn Freeman

Why the surprise? Don't tell me you haven't heard that the bamboo plant is for making apparels nowadays? Time must have passed you by or you're probably holding on to the past – the old ways of doin

BAMBOO SOCKS: Why you need it!

Authorg things. While we admire you for your loyalty to your old ways (probably cotton), we simply fear for your health. Yes, we meant that. With bamboo socks, there are many benefits that come with it. And we promise to share all the good news about bamboo socks. But to put things in perspective, it is expedient that we highlight just why manufacturers decided to make apparels from bamboo. You might want to ask – Why make a fabric out of bamboo?

Good question, it means you're catching up. On the average, you have probably experience sweaty feet after wearing your favorite socks for some time. The fallouts from soaked feet are numerous - odor, sticky and burning sensations. All these constitute the beginning of an unpleasant day. Hence, our ever dependable researchers took it as a duty upon themselves to discover a fabric that’s resistant to all the aforementioned problems. That research led to the uncovering of the special qualities which the bamboo fabric possesses.

And there is a lot of advantage the bamboo has over its closest and common competitor, cotton. These advantages include both economic and environmental, considering how easy it is to grow the bamboo plant (needs just 10% of the same, land area to yield the same volume of cotton) it is only a matter time before many other apparels made from bamboo replaces cotton fabrics - not just socks!

What's the Purpose of Bamboo Socks

1. Dry feet – Morning. Afternoon. Evening:
The most important reason why you'd wear socks is to keep your feet dry and moisture free. The bamboo socks do it better than orders. Bamboo fiber has little cavities which make it an excellent moisture absorber. Socks made from bamboo fiber has pore-like structures and great wicking ability that makes it the best option for keeping moisture away from your skin and allow room for ventilation.

2. Very soft and comfortable:
It might look like a stretch, but bamboo socks are actually baby soft. And the difference is clear when you move from another type of socks fabrics. Bamboo fibers have round and fine surface and this gives the socks some of its cushioning qualities like its tendency not to bind to your feet and constrict. Bamboo socks cause no irritations like rubbing and chafing.

3. Excellent temperature regulator:
Bamboo socks have thermo-regulating properties which set them apart from your regular fabrics like cotton and cashmere. Their qualities make them excellent at keeping your feet cool during the summer and warm during the winter. And also keep them dry all year long.

4. Antibacterial and Anti-fungal properties:
Bamboo plant grows naturally without the need for pesticide or any chemical whatsoever. This is possible because of a substance it produces called Kun. It is only natural that these qualities are found in bamboo socks too. Germs cannot grow on them and they fight foot odor. Its anti-fungal and antibacterial qualities help combat other skin disorders such as athlete's foots.