Socks and Sandals: Fashion Do or Don't?

Brayn Freeman

Socks and sandals—a combination that sparks debate among fashion enthusiasts and everyday wearers alike. For some, it's a comfort-driven necessity, while for others, it’s a bold fashion statement. But the question remains: is it a fashion do or a don't? In this blog post, we'll explore the history, practicality, and style potential of wearing socks with sandals, helping you decide if this trend is right for you.

The History of Socks and Sandals

The combination of socks and sandals is not a modern invention. Historical evidence shows that ancient Romans often wore socks with their sandals, a practical choice for added warmth and comfort. This pairing has resurfaced periodically throughout fashion history, sometimes embraced and other times ridiculed. Today, it's making a comeback, especially in street style and high fashion circles.

Practical Benefits

Comfort and Warmth

One of the most significant benefits of wearing socks with sandals is comfort. Socks provide a layer of cushioning that can make even the most rigid sandals more comfortable. Additionally, they offer warmth during cooler weather, extending the wearability of your favorite sandals beyond summer.


Socks can also improve hygiene. They absorb sweat and prevent the direct contact of your feet with the sandal material, which can reduce odors and extend the life of your sandals. For those prone to foot conditions like athlete's foot, wearing socks can provide a barrier that helps prevent infections.


Sandals often leave feet exposed to the elements. Socks can offer protection against sunburn, insect bites, and minor abrasions. This added layer can be particularly beneficial during outdoor activities like hiking or walking on rough terrain.

Style Potential

Casual Cool

Wearing socks with sandals can create a relaxed, casual look that's perfect for everyday wear. For instance, pairing colorful socks with Birkenstock sandals can add a playful touch to your outfit. It’s a trend that combines practicality with a laid-back vibe, making it suitable for running errands or casual outings.

Street Style Edge

High fashion has embraced the socks and sandals trend, with designers showcasing this combination on runways. Pairing sleek, monochrome socks with designer sandals can create an edgy, fashion-forward look. This style is often seen in urban settings where fashion enthusiasts are not afraid to push boundaries.

Athleisure Appeal

The athleisure trend has also popularized the socks and sandals combination. Athletic socks worn with sporty sandals can complement workout gear or casual athleisure outfits. This look is not only stylish but also highly practical for those who value comfort and functionality.

Person wearing pink Hugh Ugoli socks, standing next to a pair of black and brown sandals.

How to Wear Socks and Sandals

Choosing the Right Socks

The type of socks you choose can make or break your look. Opt for high-quality, well-fitting socks that complement your sandals. For a seamless look, choose socks in neutral colors like black, white, or gray. If you want to make a statement, go for bold patterns and vibrant colors.

Pairing with Sandals

Not all sandals are created equal when it comes to pairing with socks. Chunky, athletic sandals often work well with sports socks, while sleek, leather sandals can be paired with dressier socks. Brands like Hugh Ugoli offer a variety of socks that are perfect for this trend. For example, the Men's Cotton Dress Seamless Toe Business Crew Socks provide a comfortable and stylish option.

Seasonal Considerations

Socks and sandals can be worn year-round if styled appropriately. In the summer, opt for lightweight, breathable socks to keep your feet cool. In colder months, choose thicker, warmer socks to provide insulation. For instance, the Warm Wool Women's Crew Socks are an excellent choice for winter wear.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Mismatch of Styles

One common mistake is mismatching the style of socks and sandals. Athletic socks with formal sandals or vice versa can create a disjointed look. Ensure that the style of your socks matches the occasion and type of sandals you are wearing.

Poor Fit

Ill-fitting socks can bunch up and cause discomfort. Make sure your socks fit well and stay in place throughout the day. Proper fit ensures both comfort and a polished appearance.

Ignoring the Dress Code

While socks and sandals can be stylish, they are not appropriate for all occasions. It's important to consider the dress code of the event you are attending. For formal occasions, traditional footwear may be a better choice.


Socks and sandals can be a fashion do when styled correctly. This combination offers comfort, protection, and a unique style statement. Whether you're embracing this trend for its practicality or its edgy appeal, the key is to choose the right socks and sandals to complement your look. Brands like Hugh Ugoli provide high-quality socks that are perfect for this fashion-forward trend. For more style tips, check out our blog on How to Match Your Socks with Different Shoes.

By following these guidelines, you can confidently step out in socks and sandals, knowing you're making a fashionable and practical choice.